What is the importance of Extractor fans?

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What are Extractor Fans?

Extractor fans are most commonly found in Bathrooms and Kitchens. They help draw the air outside to keep your house and air quality nice. They’re important because they reduce the chance of condensation in the home due to cooking and bathing/showering. Where there’s condensation, you’ll start to find mould if you aren’t expelling that air and it’s only a matter of time before you have damp in the walls themselves.  

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What Is The Purpose of Extractor Fans? Who Needs Them?


Through the past couple of decades there’s been a real emphasis on the research and development of home insulation. As the prices for energy skyrocket and the warmth of the planet increases from burning fossil fuels, we’ve started to really focus on how we keep our houses warm. Insulation is the best way to keep heat in.

You can think of it as summer time in the UK – that one day of sun we have that seemingly shifts closer to September each year. You’re sat outside in the heat, perhaps with a glass of cold orange juice which may or may not contain vodka (That’s a vodka sun by the way). Suddenly, the suns gone in and the warmth is gone, what do you do now? You can either head to B&Q or The Range and pick up a space-heater for your garden, or just throw on a hat, a jumper and some shoes.

That’s what your house is doing with full insulation, without loft insulation (your hat), you’ll be losing 25% of the warmth you’ve just paid for in your boiler. Without wall insulation (your jumper), you’ll be losing 30-50% of the warmth. Without underfloor insulation (your shoes) you’ll be losing another 10%. Without double or triple glazing (get that facemask on) then you’re looking at another 10-15% gone. All that money that you’ve spent warming your home has been wasted and it’s just heating the street instead.

This is why all homes should be insulated, and why the government has released ECO3 – to keep the heat in once you’ve made it, and to make the heat cheaper by improving boiler efficiency.

So let’s say your house has its hat, coat and shoes on and you’ve fully insulated it.  That’s excellent because you’re retaining all of your heat and warmth, as well as air. The air part isn’t as good – air is where moisture is held. If you’re cooking a dinner, or you’ve ran a bath, or you’ve washed the dishes, or if your house has a few people in it that are literally just breathing, there’s moisture in the air. Moisture leads to condensation, which leads to damp, which leads to rot. Condensation is bad, and we need to get that out the house.

One of the simple ways is to open the doors and windows – the humid air will find its way outside and your house will be relieved, but as the moist air leaves so will the heat. It’s not ideal when you’ve been warming your house for two hours and now you’re going to lose it all and have to switch the heating back on. So keep the windows shut.

This is where Extractor Fans come in. Extractor Fans are a way to ensure you’re always getting that air circulation you need, without feeling the cold and without losing the warmth in your house. They let out a steady stream of air in your houses hotspots for moist air which allows moisture to escape the home, but nowhere near the same amount of air movement as an open window.

They’re most common in kitchens above the hob and in bathrooms. This is because as you’re boiling and cooking on the hob you’re releasing steam into the air which is just moisture – if this builds up you’ll start to fog up your windows and doors. That moisture has to go somewhere – it’ll also be on the walls if they’re cold. In the bathroom when you shower or run a bath the same thing will be happening. Over time you’ll start to build up mould spores and damp if you fail to dispose of the warm air, so extractor fans prevent this build-up.

It keeps your walls safe and strong, and your immune system too! Mould spores are very bad for health and can release allergens too – extractor fans reduce the chances of all of this greatly. 

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