External Wall Insulation Funding in Hartlepool, County Durham

The Energy Company Obligation is a government-backed Free Insulation scheme set up to help the UK reach its Carbon Footprint Targets by 2050 by improving the EPC rating of homes throughout the UK.


Hartlepool Free External Wall Insulation

What is the ECO3 “External Wall Insulation” Scheme in Hartlepool?

ECO3 stands for the Energy Company Obligation – It’s a scheme set up by the government that takes the profits from the main energy companies in the UK and puts them back into the homes of the UK population. In a nutshell, the big Energy Providers such as British Gas, SSE, EON etc. all have to provide funding to Hartlepool homeowners living in low performing housing in regards to energy retention and energy creation. The funding covers free boilers, external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation as well as electric storage heaters. 

Because the major companies have to foot the bill, you’ll typically pay nothing and we get paid afterwards by the energy companies. You might have seen the term “affordable warmth” throw around, this is the section of ECO that’s responsible for looking after people’s homes. Those Hartlepool homeowners that fall into the bracket of “Fuel Poor” or are at risk of Fuel Poverty are the homeowners the ECO3 scheme is set up to help. 

The “Free External Wall Insulation” scheme is part of this overall ECO3 scheme, where you can receive new, fully funded External Wall Insulation as well as Loft Insulation and Under Floor Insulation. The free insulation scheme falls alongside the free boiler scheme, so most of the time you’re only eligible for wall insulation if you are also replacing your boiler (which is also free). 

Typically, the more benefits we can provide to your home, the more funding you’ll be eligible for. So if we’re only replacing the external wall insulation and your house is one of the few in Hartlepool that’s already great at retaining and generating heat and you’ve got all the other insulation measured already installed there could be a small charge that’s still heavily subsidised.

However if your property could benefit from other types of insulation or a replacement boiler or electric storage heaters, then it’s likely that we can install that too and you wouldn’t have any costs at all. We should mention that if you’re only getting the boiler and external insulation, there’s usually not any costs associated – it’s only in some cases where we’re going above and beyond the requirements for ECO3 measures. 

In order to qualify for a free external wall insulation and boiler grant in Hartlepool you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. You can find out if you qualify or not by filling out the form at the top of this page and a member of our team will be in touch to guide you through the application process. 


What are the Eligibility Criteria for External Wall Insulation in Hartlepool?

There’s two ways to apply to get External Wall Insulation – either through the main ECO3 scheme, or through LA Flex for Hartlepool. Both have different eligibility criteria but both require your household to be owned by the person applying, so no rented properties.

What makes LA Flex in Hartlepool different to ECO3?

LA Flex is closely related to ECO3 in that it’s an extension to the ECO3 scheme. It’s essentially more funding that’s given to Local Authorities (in this case, Hartlepool Council) to pinpoint those households who fall out of the main umbrella of ECO3’s eligibility, yet still would greatly depend on the free funding schemes. It’s essentially the same scheme, with a different application process (for us, because we do all of the leg work for you).

It has a slightly looser set of rules that ultimately results in the same thing for you – a free boiler replacement, external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation and underfloor insulation. Different Local Authorities have different rules and boundaries for LA Flex, but if you apply through Borthwick Heating and Insulation we’ll take your application to the correct place for Hartlepool.

Eligibility Breakdown for ECO3 In Hartlepool for Free External Wall Insulation

Both LA Flex and ECO3 also require the applicant to be the homeowner, if you’re currently renting in Hartlepool then unfortunately you aren’t eligible for either of these schemes through Borthwick Heating and Insulation. They also require your home to be currently heated by either Electric Storage Heaters which can be upgraded or a boiler based central heating system. If you’ve currently got a boiler and central heating system then you might be eligible for a free replacement boiler if yours is over 7 years old. Over time boilers become less efficient with constant use – so if you have a 10 year old boiler that still has it’s “B” rating sticker on, chances are that it isn’t actually that efficient any more.

7 Years marks the time frame in which pretty much all boilers have worn down enough that replacing them makes sense. After this is where the requirements change.

For Eco 3 you have to be in receipt of a government benefit. This includes:

  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit Element
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Income Support
  • Working Tax Credits
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • War Pensions Mobility Supplement
  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Constant Attendance Allowance
  • Child Benefit *

*If you claim Child Benefit we will need to ask some additional questions to check if you qualify.

External Wall insulation with ECO3

Eligibility Breakdown for LA Flex In Hartlepool for External Wall Insulation

With LA Flex it’s targeted towards those on low income but not on benefits and those in situations in life where living in a cold home could make things worse. This would include the elderly, pregnant women or those with a young child (under 5) and those with medical conditions that are worsened by cold environments.

There’s different “Routes” into LA Flex, or different ways that you can be eligible for funding.

Route 1 – Postcode matching

The Local Authority in Hartlepool identifies the roads and areas typically worst off and will automatically grant illegibility to those areas.

Route 2 – Low Income

This route requires the household to have a ‘low income’ which is less than £26,000 per year. This is dependant on every person inside the house and not just the homeowner themselves. 

Route 3 – Age

If a member if the household is of retirement age, or there’s a child in the home or member of the house is pregnant then the household would be eligible for funding as that member would be classed as ‘vulnerable to living in a cold home’. The maximum household income is also raised slightly for the Age route to allow more people from this category to be eligible. 

Route 4 – Health

Living with health conditions that make you at risk of becoming more unwell from living in a cold home will also allow you to be eligible for funding, these are things such as respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, severe asthma, dementia, cancer, limited mobility as well as several more. 

What happens after I apply for Free External Wall Insulation Funding?

Applying for Free External Wall Insulation Funding through Borthwick Heating and Insulation takes you 2 minutes because we do all of the leg work for you. It’s a simple form to fill out and it just needs some of your details and your household’s details.

After that, your details go to our admin team, who double check your household details to make sure the information we have is correct. Occasionally homeowners assume they have a solid stone wall when they actually have a cavity wall, which means they don’t realise that they’re eligible for cavity wall insulation instead, which is also free under the same funding scheme.

The admin team will organise time slots with our surveyors in your area, and then schedule a time with you for the surveyor to come out and have a quick look at your house before we send in our installation team to make sure everything is in check.

Once we get the okay from the surveyor, we send our team in to fit your new boiler, external wall insulation and any extras you’re entitled to, such as Loft insulation or underfloor insulation.

Then we handle all of the paperwork regarding your application for government funding, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing.

To get started, you can apply for the ECO3 ‘External Wall Insulation’ Scheme here, or use the button below.

Apply For External Wall Insulation in Hartlepool

If you have any questions about our External Wall Insulation grants and applications, or our Free Boiler Grants get in touch with us by phone T: 01429 296222 or email: info@borthwickheating.co.uk here at Borthwick Heating today. Our professionals will guide you through the process while offering advice on how you can start the boiler grant process with us or please start your application online by using the button below.

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