What is an ECO3 Home Survey?

The Home Survey is step two of our 3 step process to ECO3 grants and installations. Find out what’s involved below.

At Borthwick Heating and Insulation, we operate on a 3 stage process. First you apply, then we survey, then we fit. If you’ve applied and your application has been successful, next up we need to have a closer look at your house. We survey the property and make sure everything is in check and it’s safe for our installation team to come in and do their magic. 

If you’re about to have your ECO3 Home Survey, or you’re in the scheduling phase for it then it’s likely you’ll want to know what’s to be expected. There’s 5 overall areas that the surveyor will want to check. These are:

The loft and the basement, if you have one

Both the internal and exterior of your walls

The boiler and heating system, including radiators and key plumbing areas

The lighting in your home

and lastly, your Windows and Doors

ECO3 Home Survey

During the Home Survey


Before the surveyor comes to conduct your home survey, they’ll already have an EPC report on the home which is part of our admin phase, this gives them an understanding of where each potential improvement measure can be applied to help bring your property in line with the government guidelines by helping it to be more energy efficient. 

There’s a few things you need to do prior to the home survey, but it’s basically just ensure the house is tidy and that areas the surveyor needs to access is clear and safe, in particular the loft and the basement. Similarly they’ll need to check out your external walls, so please ensure that these are all easily accessible because it not only delays the surveyor that day but also any other of our teams that come to your house to install the insulation and boiler measures. 

When the surveyor arrives they’ll ask you some questions about the property – this is because out of everyone, you know your own home best. They won’t be too detailed, it’s just some more info he needs. If you’re Appling through LA Flex then you may need to provide evidence of things like income or disability or health conditions, you should be told this prior to the appointment though. This information goes as evidence in your application, so that we can apply for your funding and then install whichever measures you’re entitled to. 

After asking some questions the surveyor will then go around the property and conduct the ECO3 home survey. The size and style of the property will determine how long this takes. The home survey is quite extensive and the surveyor has to get any and all evidence that will or might be used as evidence to support your application – it’s best to just have the one home survey, rather than coming out for supporting evidence. The surveyor will fill out a form while he’s there, but he’ll also take photos. We need visual evidence of the property and of your benefits or income if you’re applying through LA Flex – this is a normal part of the ECO3 submission. It also helps our installers visualise what they need to do and where prior to going into the home, this will save everyone time. 

The home survey will generally only take between 45 minutes to an hour, but this will be dependent on the size, accessibility and the nature of the measures (issues) that need to be addressed at the property. The survey will be conducted on a day and time that is convenient for you, as someone will need to be present to allow access to the property.

If you and your property, whether you are the homeowner or tenant meet the criteria, it does not automatically guarantee you will be awarded the ECO3 grant. The property needs to be structurally sound and habitable. The ECO3 grant does not cover structural restorations or building works.

The outcome of the ECO3 survey will decide whether the property matches the criteria.

Once the ECO3 home survey has been conducted, the report will be processed, and the outcome(s) of the survey will be reported back to the homeowner/tenant. You should receive this report within 2 business days. Your ECO3 grant application will then be submitted. Once the application has been submitted it could take up to 8 weeks for updates, due to the current economic situation as a result of Covid.

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